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Toyota Wiper Blade Size

Car Maker ModelYearSizeHook
ALPHARD02 -26/16U
ALTIS01 - 0824/16U
ALTIS (NEW)08 -26/14U
AVANZA04 -20/16U
CAMRY02 - 0624/19U
CAMRY (NEW)06 -24/20U
COROLLA AE10188 -20/17U
ESTIMA (NEW)06 -28/16U
FORTUNA05 -21/19U
HARRIER RX30098 - 0324/21U
HARRIER RX33004 - 0726/22U
HILUX95 - 0417/17U
HILUX VIGO04 - 21/19U
INNOVA04 -21/19U
L. CRUISER00 - 0624/22U
PRIUS09 - 1526/16U
RAV 401 - 0522/19U
RAV 406 - 0824/17U
RUSH06 -21/18U
VIOS03 - 0720/14U
VIOS (NEW)07 -24/14U
WISH03 -26/14U
YARIS06 -24/14U
FT8612 -22/20U


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